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During course of surfing, purchasing with www.TTDDarshan.com, a visitor needs to agree the following terms and conditions.

Detailed Explanations of Terms and Conditions

Ownership and Use of Materials

1. Any visitor or buyer does not have any right to copy any material from the website www.TTDDarshan.com. A person may download any information for personal use only. TTDDarshan.com has the full copyright power on any material of on this website (www.TTDDarshan.com)

2. You should not have any right to use any service provided by TTDDarshan.com for any illegal purpose.

3. You must not have any right to make harassment, abuse on any services offered by TTDDarshan.com

TTDDarshan.com has the full right to take legal action against any person or organization who will break the above mentioned rules declared by TTDDarshan.com.

 Use of E-mail and other Electronic Messages ...

1. You acknowledge and confirm that you have full knowledge and information that any electronic mail, chat, information, submission or instant messenger communication, whether transmitted through the Internet, the Website, a proprietary network, a computer, a pager or other wireless device or otherwise (collectively, "Electronic Messages") may not be secure and communications using Electronic Messages may not be confidential.

2. TTDDarshan.com shall be neither liable nor responsible to update any information communicated to you using Electronic Messages nor shall TTDDarshan.com or its representatives be liable or responsible to timely see, process, act on or respond to any message sent by you using Electronic Messages.

 Prices and products:

1. TTDDarshan.com reserves the right to change the pricing and specifications from time to time.

2. TTDDarshan.com shall is no event or circumstances be held liable and/or responsible for any discrepancy or inaccuracy in reporting the prices and product specifications (including the product description, photos, vegetarian, Jain, weight/size) nor shall it be liable for any costs, actions, claims or demands that may arise or accrue in respect of the same.

3. TTDDarshan.com shall not be liable or responsible for any products, information or services mentioned on the Website, whether provided by TTDDarshan.com, or any third parties. You agree to make your own independent evaluation of the products, information and services mentioned on the Website, including their quality.

4. In case of discrepancies between the products pricing on the website and the final invoice are different, the pricing mention on the final invoice shall prevail.

 Prices and products:

All payments made by you online through valid debit/credit card/online banking over a secure payment network shall be collected via TTDDarshan.com’s appointed payment gateway. You may also pay cash to the delivery person for delivery orders or at the Food Junctions at the time of pick-up orders. In a credit/ debit card transaction, You shall use your own credit/ debit card only. TTDDarshan.com shall not be liable or responsible for any credit card fraud(s). The liability, if any, on the fraudulent use of your credit card will be yours alone and the onus to 'prove otherwise' shall be on you. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified TTDDarshan.com, its successors and assigns, of, from or against any claims, demands, actions, disputes, liabilities, obligations, costs, charges, expenses of any nature suffered or sustained by TTDDarshan.com by reasons of the fraudulent uses of any credit/debit card by you for any such transaction.

A visitor/purchaser should understand that all terms and conditions mentioned above may be changed at anytime without any advance notice or information.