Privacy Policies ...

1. All tickets should be purchased by online transaction only by using Credit cards/Debit Cards/Internet Banking or any other online services.

2. No off line payment will be accepted.

3. Users have to understand that, we never store any online transaction credentials for future use.

4. All payment systems are secured by third party payment gateway so Devam Spiritual Services is not responsible for any missuses of your credentials.

 Refund Policies...

1. No refund will be allowed after generating the darshan ticket.

2. Users has to inform about ticket cancelation before generating the darshan ticket by email or phone call

3. Only the price of the ticket will be refundable, service charges and any other related charges are non-refundable.

4. All purchased amount will be refunded if any mistakes will arrive by Devam Spiritual Services like Name, Address.

For any quarries, please visit us our Contact Us Page